I Like Sitting Under the Roof of Our Deck During Thunderstorms, but I Do Not Like the Damage They Cause

I like to sit out on the deck during rainstorms. I like it when the thunder is rolling. It may not be the wisest thing to do, but I actually enjoy having the deck roof over my head while outdoors watching it thunder and lightning. It’s not like I am on a golf course waving a golf club. Anyway, I was out on the deck during the hardest downpour I ever saw. The rain was coming down in buckets. Then I watched the gutter on the side of roof just fall down. Well, gutter replacement was definitely the thing I needed to add to the list of cleanup chores after that storm.

The wind knocked down a tree, and the rain flattened some ornamental plants we had just planted a few days before. The gutter was pulled off the whole one side of the deck roof, and a downspout was knocked loose on the corner of the house. The gutters were old and needed to be replaced anyway. I do enjoy the rainstorms, but I do not enjoy the aftermath and cleanup some of them bring. My neighbor’s home is close to a hillside. The rainwater rushed down through a gully next to his house and flooded his garage with muddy water. There was a good eight centimeters of mud in there after the storm was over.

We fared well compared to some neighbors. Some other homes had trees fall on them and crush roofs. Roof tiling was torn off due to the the wind at some homes. The tree that fell on our property only hit the ground. It damaged some lawn and nothing else. The gutter replacement was the only thing that I really was not expecting. The new ones are steel and should hold up to intense rainstorms a whole lot better.

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