New Outlets for the Home

My home was originally built in the 60s, so many of the modern technological advancements that are around today weren’t available at the time of construction. I use a lot of devices that have a USB cable for charging, but it’s always a hassle to need an adapter for each one. Companies actually make outlets now that have USB ports in them for charging. I thought about putting some in my home, but I know nothing about electrical wiring and was afraid of shocking myself. I decided to let a skilled electrician in New Jersey take care of that.

There are four outlets in every room in my home, except for the bathrooms, which only have one. For the entire house house, around 40 new outlets were needed with the USB ports. Although I had no plans to use any devices with USB ports in the bathrooms, it was still a good idea to have them added, just in case any kinds of changes are made to devices in the future that may require a USB port for power. The port only really gets around 5 volts, but I still consider it a good future investment.

The electrician was able to install the new ports as simply as if he was putting in some of the older model outlets. They use the same size box, and the wiring was all color coded, so all he had to do was match it up with what was already in there, and it was done. He probably became bored after having to put 40 of the outlets into my home, but I guess that’s part of the job. I paid the electrician well for his work, and even recommended him to my friends for a job well done. Now if only I can get a new doorbell.

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