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Tolan McNeil guitar/recording engineer
  Tolan McNeil has played with Mission of Christ, Onion House, Gus, Pigment Vehicle, The Timber Kings, The Metronome Cowboys, The Fixin's, The Dogbreath Brothers, John Guliak and Mansmell. He's toured with Neko Case, and is currently playing with Leeroy Stagger and Carolyn Mark. He also fronts his own band, The Guv'ners of Giv'ner.

Tolan is an engineer/producer and operates Lucky Mouse Studios. He has recorded Frog Eyes, Chet, Hank and Lily, A Tribute to Nashville, and Carolyn Mark, as well as dozens of other bands.


There Will Always Be a Salesman (Red Cat, 2005)

The Guv'ners of Giv'ner: Giv'er

appearances on:

Various artists: The Beautiful Dead End / Point mort (Mutasis, 2005)

Happy Nightmares - The Beautiful Losers Play the Music of Dan Weisenburger (2003)



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