Restoring the Cottage Look to Our Special House

We bought a fixer-upper. The only reason we bought it was because of the shape of the exterior and the room layout inside. The house has a roof section above a sitting area that is a curved gable roof. Instead of the roof being a straight angle from the gutters to the peak, it had a concave shape that made it look like something out of a fairy tale. We renovated the house from the inside out. The last thing to do was to put in sidewalks, so we called a company that does concrete sidewalks in Nassau County in a special way.

Our house was unique, and we didn’t just want your standard grayish white concrete sidewalks. We wanted something that was stamped and colored to look like a nice stone path, but to be done in a way that was safe to walk on. It was what was needed to tie the whole scene of our home together. We were at the end of a cul de sac right in the middle. There were no homes on either side. Our sidewalk extended in a curve around the cul de sac up to the road on each side. Therefore, our stone-looking sidewalk would not be out of place in our neighborhood. The transition from the other standard sidewalks on each side of the rest of the street would be okay.

Inside, that sitting area has book shelves and the underside of the curvy gable roof is open. You can see the carved rafters and individual boards that have all been refinished in a honey stain color. We spent a lot renovating this cottage style home, and we enjoy every minute being in it. Sticking out from the back of the house is a hexagonal room that is a conservatory room with lots of glass windows in the sidewalls, but it has a walk-on roof patio. It really is an interesting little house, and our new concrete sidewalks and driveway that look like flagstones really brings everything together to make our home look like a scene out of a book.

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