The Annoying Sound of a Drip

The sound of water as it drips into a metal pan is enough to drive anyone insane. Just listening to it for a couple of nights made me want to rip my ears off. I had a bad leak in my roof and I placed a pan underneath to catch water while it rained. I barely got any sleep the nights that it rained. I attempted to patch the leak with some silicone sealant that I saw on an infomercial, but the seal wasn’t strong enough. I gave up and called for roof repair in Brooklyn NY.

In addition to being annoyed by the sound of the water dripping into the metal pan, I had to constantly check the water level in the pan to make sure that the pan hadn’t become full. When the pan caught enough water, I emptied it into the sink and repeated the process. If I were a genius, I could have probably rigged up some kind of contraption to tell me when the water reaches a certain level, but I don’t have the ingenuity or the time to do something like that. I’d rather just do what I do best, which is calling the repair company.

The repair company was able to fix the leak in no time. This was a huge relief for me, because another storm was expected to pass through my area, with a lot of heavy rain. Watching rain collect in a pain under normal rain conditions is bad enough, but when there is a heavy storm, I’d imagine the rain would fill up the pan twice as much. Barring any other kind of accidental damage, the patched where the leak was should last for a long time. In a few more months, the rain will be over and snow will start to come.

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