The Window Will Be Fixed

I’ve told my kids millions of times not to play with their balls near the windows because I don’t want them to break them. They didn’t listen to me one day, and one of their balls went right through one of the windows in the living room. I took their toys away and told them that if they wanted the toys back, they would have to pay for a new frameless double glazing window. Since they were too young to have jobs, they had to figure out some way to get the money, especially since I wasn’t giving them allowance money.

First, the kids tried to sell lemonade. They used some of their allowance savings to buy some lemons, sugar, and cups from the store, and made their own lemonade. They set up a stand in the front yard and sold lemonade to anyone who would pass by. They made a decent amount of money, but it wasn’t enough to repair the window, so they tried something else. They volunteered to do odd jobs for people around the neighborhood. A lot of the older people hate doing their yard work, so the kids would cut their lawns, clean their gutters, and trim their hedges. They even volunteered to do some painting.

The odd jobs proved to be a more lucrative option for the kids, and in a month, they were able to get the money needed for the window repair. They finally learned their lesson about playing near the windows. After losing their toys and having to do all of that hard work to get the money for window repairs, they didn’t want to go through that experience again. Sometimes kids need a bit of tough discipline for them to follow the rules. Maybe I should do the same thing the next time they leave their room messy.

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